"...the wit of a zany angel."
Dick Adler - Chicago Tribune
"...a merry romp through love's arduous maze."

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Lily's books
La Cucina
Simmering in the heat of a Sicilian kitchen, a saucy tale of sex, recipes, and murder.
The First Time I Heard Anthea Speak
In post-war London, actress Sylvia Bollusk develops an alarming growth in her armpit.
The growth is Anthea. 
As Sylvia stands in the Mall in the pouring rain watching the coronation procession, Anthea speaks for the first time.
A comic mystery set in the back streets of Rome, about a young woman who is overjoyed when her husband disappears
A naughty celebration of the senses, Nectar explores the mystery of sexual attraction and the frivolous nature of divine justice
An irresistibly funny, subtly wise and zestfully romantic fairy tale for adults


"...with her characteristic black humor, vivid, sensual imagery, and quirky insights, Lily Prior evokes, in light, brilliant strokes, the bustling streets of Rome...that will have you turning pages and laughing out loud to the end."

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Lily's novels are published in many countries including France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Greece, Israel, Finland and the Netherlands. Her books have been translated into over 30 languages.

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